Make the moment a pleasurable one and glide right in when you use PharmaQuests sex lubes. Once you enjoy frictionless sex with the addition of high quality gel, heighten stimulation at the right moment and make vaginal and anal play all the more exciting. We stock the full PharmaQuests range to help you and your partner experience more thrills between the sheets, so shop online and get free delivery on all orders over £30.

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Fist It 1 Litre Jar Of Lubricant

Fist It is a water based lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Dermatologically tested, fa..


Fist It Extra Thick 1000mls Lubricant

Fist It is a water based lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Dermatologically tested, fa..


Fist It Silicone 500ml Lubricant

Silicone lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms and gloves. Dermatologically tested, fat fre..


Slip Right in With PharmaQuests Lube

Being designed as a specialist fisting lube, spice up your bedroom activity during a night of intense passion with your partner. The addition of PharmaQuests anal lubes will make the experience a more pleasurable one, helping you slide in to increase comfort for both parties, letting you get to the good stuff. PharmaQuests have perfected their formula to create superior lubrication that doesn’t have the unpleasant sticky feel, has no offensive odours and stays in place so you can use it for as long as you need it to.

The PharmaQuests range is a simple one, offering everything you could need within a fisting lube. Whether you choose the standard option, extra thick or the silicone based lube, you can be sure that you’re about to enjoy a night of pure pleasure, using as much product as you need to experience nothing but thrills. The entire range is fully compatible with latex condoms and gloves so you never have to compromise on safety when you use PharmaQuests products, staying protected as you get down to business.

Buy PharmaQuests Products Online

If you have been trying out different lubes over the years but haven’t found a product you’ll go back to, the PharmaQuests range could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Having been dermatologically tested, fat free, colourless, odourless and tasteless, you can enjoy a night of passion without the worry of unpleasant side effects.

We stock PharmaQuests fisting lube in 1 litre and 500ml quantities so you can stay well stocked up and keep your bedside cabinet ready for your next steamy session. Being easy to apply in whatever quantity you please, simply apply the product to your hand or to the genital area for quick and simple use that provides long-lasting satisfaction.

Our online sex shop can cater for all your sexual desires and provides many products you can use alongside your PharmaQuests lubes. We have sex toys for men and women that always work better with some added lubrication for good measure, keeping you comfortable and stimulated so you can focus on nothing but the waves of pleasure.

PharmaQuests FAQs

PharmaQuests products focus on nothing but pleasure, containing no additional frills and ingredients which could interrupt your night of passion. The formula is designed to leave no unwanted sticky feeling yet provide long lasting lubrication so you can comfortably enjoy sexual activity, absorbing into the skin to avoid the unpleasant wet and tacky feel you can experience with some poor quality lubricants.