Unleash your cheeky side with OhMiBod sex toys, allowing your partner to control your pleasure wherever they are in the world through the OhMiBod app. Whether you choose to try out new and exciting sex toys in the bedroom or tease each other when out and about, enjoy the freedom of discreet OhMiBod sex toys however you please. Shop the OhMiBod range in our online sex shop and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £30.

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Lovelife by OhMiBod Krush Kegal

Your strength is your foundation!For women, strength isnt a choice. Its a way of life. Lovelife Krus..


OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Clitoral Vibrator

Let the DJ spin the journey. OhMiBods Club Vibe 2.OH will take you to the destination. Club Vibe 2.O..


Ohmibod Club Vibe Hero 3.OH

Feel the music with the Club Vibe line's newest addition, a remote-controlled vibrating plug with a ..


OhMiBod Freestyle G Vibrator Pink

Add some music to your inner G Note Ok G Spot with the Freestyle G, a wireless music driven vibrator..


OhMiBod FreeStyle G Vibrator Purple

When it is connected to an iPod or iPhone, or any mp3 player, the vibe will pulsate to the music giv..


OhMiBod Remote Control Lightshow Vibrator

Introducing Lightshow a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled massager that pleases you as much as it excites t..


Try Something New with App Controlled OhMiBod Sex Toys

Take your connection to the next level by handing over total control, unleashing their dominant side as they embrace full control of your pleasure. With a range of built in sensors which adapt to their surroundings plus the ability to control the different pressures, vibrations and speeds, experience stimulation like no other as you awaken pleasure spots which are not utilised through the body alone.

Many of the OhMiBod sex toys consist of lightweight and discreet vibrators which can be popped into the underwear for subtly using on the go. You can either take full control yourself to satisfy your body in your favourite way or allow your partner to unleash their cheeky side. The app can be used within an 8 meter wireless range or can be controlled via WiFi for long distance lovers, allowing you to maintain that spark without even being nearby. With a rechargeable battery that can last for up to an hour, the possibilities are endless when you introduce an OhMiBod toy into your lifestyle. To take the remote control feature up another level, also enjoy the LED lights and sound capabilities for the full experience, creating a new atmosphere which can really help you set the mood.

Shop the Full Range of OhMiBod Products

Whether you’re looking for a small and subtle clitoral vibrator to slip into your knickers, a vibrating plug to experiment with during solo play or freestyle vibrator that pulsates in time with your music, look no further. The OhMiBod range offers innovation like no other, awakening all of your different senses to create new kinds of stimulation. With the option to switch up your OhMiBod toys for new sensations that suit your mood, you and your partner can keep things fresh by trying out new possibilities in the bedroom.

If you’ve never tried out OhMiBod sex toys before, now is your chance! With so many new sensations waiting to be explored, you will never look back once you get your hands on app connected sex toys, taking traditional toys as you know them to the next level. Browse our OhMiBod collection online to learn more about the unique product range and advanced capabilities, building up the excitement for your next steamy session.

OhMiBod FAQs

The OhMiBod app makes it easier than ever to work your new toy. Simply download the app onto your smartphone and use it to control the music, vibration patterns, rhythm, and speed so you can enjoy the pleasure exactly how you like it. If you’re enjoying OhMyBod sex toys with a partner, allow them to gain full control from afar so you can keep the spark alive, even utilising the face to face video functionality if you want to see the effects for yourself!