We are proud to be a stockist of the renowned condom brand, My Size. They boast a range of very thing sheath-shaped condoms to use in sexual intercourse. Whether you are looking for means of contraception or preventing the contraction of sexually transmitted infections, My Size are a great option of condoms.

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My.Size 49mm Condom 10 Pack

Condoms should be more like shoes. You go into a shop, tell them your size and you get shoes that fi..


Ranging in seven sizes, from extra small (45mm) to extra large (72mm), the aim of My Size is to help all men find a condom that fits like a glove. That way, both sexual pleasure, comfort and protection are enhanced. Risk of breakage and tears are also reduced when condoms fit well.  

My Size Condoms & Better Sex

Using condoms that fit your shape and size makes all the difference to your sex life. After all, sex is no fun when there is any type of discomfort, whether your condom is too tight or too loose. Since condoms have been created, manufacturers have taken on a ‘one size fits all’ approach. However, My Size aims to show the important role that perfect-fitting condoms have in improving your sex life.

My Size condoms come in an array of seven special sizes that finally accommodate the diversity of the make genitals, to provide you with condoms that support you.

My Size Condoms: Material & Design

Designed to provide ultimate protection and pleasure, the My Size condom range are made from a proprietary latex compound consisting of natural rubber latex and a range of skin-friendly ingredients that can also be found in many cosmetic products.

My Size condoms are also coated with a pure silicone oil lubricant designed to enhance natural lubrication. The role of this is to prevent breakage and skin irritation during use.

My Size condoms boast comfort – they allow for a natural range of movement and an almost natural feel, thanks to the 0.05mm ultra-thin condom walls.

My Size FAQs

If you’re not already using lube, then you are missing out on a few tricks in the bedroom my friend! Pair up your My Size condoms with a slippery aid, and your sex life will get a nice little boost. Despite the body’s natural ability to lubricate, adding sex lube leads to smoother sex, allowing you to enjoy full frantic sex without anything feeling too dry or sore.

When buying lube, opt for ones which are condom safe. Oil lubes don’t bode well with condoms and can cause potential tears. Condom-safe lubes are usually water-based products, but silicone-based lubricants can also be suitable.