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Male Edge

The range of Male Edge penis enlargers are specially created to temporarily enlarge your penis so that you can experience longer lasting, harder erections that your lover will thank you for. The founders of Male Edge believe penis enlargement is a form of self-improvement. It’s not different than going to the gym or using grooming products. With the customers in mind, the Male Edge products are designed to be safe, affordable, clinically proven and results driven. Shop the best range of penis developers in our online sex shop now for some enhanced fun. 

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Male Edge Basic Penis Developer

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Male Edge Extra Penis Developer

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Male Edge Pro Penis Developer

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Why Choose to Enlarge Your Erection with Male Edge UK?

With Male Edge’s huge collection of penis enlargers, you can create rock-hard erections and increased stamina. Within the Male Edge range of penis developers, you can find the perfect penis enlargement solution. Discover a brand-new level of self confidence in the bedroom and develop your penis to harder and longer tool. Choose a penis pump to promote blood flow to the penis and make your member swell ready for a night of incredible loving. You can pair your Male Edge UK penis enlarge with a cock ring to hold your erection for longer and plenty of lube for enhanced pleasure.

About Male Edge

Founded by DanaMedic, Male Edge UK have reputed best-selling penis enlargers since 1995! A renowned and established brand, Male Edge have focused their products on comfort and ease of use. With an expertise team of research and developers, they’ve created some of the most recognised innovative male enhancement products.

Stylish, discreet, and suitable for home use, Male Edge penis developers are scientifically proven to give you the best results in growing the length and girth of your penis! With extensive customer feedback and before and after photos, Male Edge UK guarantees that when used correctly, the Male Edge penis enlarger will give you real and permanent results in growing your penis.

Male Edge FAQs

Although penis developers aren’t strictly a sex toy, there are many ways in which you can incorporate them into the bedroom to enhance intimacy and pleasure. A penis pump can be used by your partner on you as the sensations can be extremely pleasurable. Alternatively, you can use them before entering the bedroom and surprise your lover with your new and improved pleasure stick for satisfying results. Enhance the experience even further by using some stimulating lube on her and a vibrator to increase the chance of a simultaneous orgasm.