Lux Fetish

Lux Fetish

Famed for its expansive selection of stylish BDSM tools and accessories, Lux Fetish is internationally known in the sex and adult entertainment industry. Lux Fetish specialises in stylish BDSM tools and accessories, offering everything from silky ties and blindfolds to sex positioning gear, nipple clamps, love swings, kink items and much more.

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Lux Fetish Neoprene Strap On Harness

Give your partner the pleasure they want and deserve with Lux Fetish Neoprene Strap On Harness. A co..


Lux Fetish Patent Leather Strap On Harness

Get deep with the Lux Fetish Patent Leather Strap on Harness. This sexy, supple leather harness can ..


Lux Fetish Pink Velvet Vibrating Strap On Harness

Give your partner the pleasure they deserve with Lux Fetish Pink Velvet Strap On Harness. Features a..


Lux Fetish Pretty In Pink Strap On Harness

Give your partner the pleasure they want and deserve with the Lux Fetish Pink PVC Strap-On. Features..


Lux Fetish Red Heart Strap On Harness

Show your love with the fully adjustable heart shaped Lux Fetish Red Heart Strap on Harness. This du..


Lux Fetish Velvet Bikini Strap On Harness

Strap it on and take control with the sleek Lux Fetish Black Velvet Bikini Strap on. Fully adjustabl..


Lux Fetish offers a wide assortment of supreme quality BDSM tools and accessories that cater for every kinky fantasy. Not only that, but Lux Fetish also boasts affordable pricing to accomplish their goal of making pleasure and sensual exploration easy and accessible to every BDSM player, no matter their experience level or their budget.

The range of Lux Fetish products includes an assortment of beginner-friendly bondage gear which is perfect for those only just starting to explore BDSM. Lux Fetish makes BDSM less intimidating with prices that encourage you to try something new when it comes to pleasure. 

About Lux Fetish: The Mission

Their mission is simple; to offer high-quality, stylish, creative designs that promote sexual wellness, maximise pleasure and sensual connections, while remaining affordable and accessible for all.

The team of designers behind Lux Fetish are constantly bringing kinky fantasies to life to ensure you’re never short on new ways to have fun in the bedroom. Lux Fetish products come in a variety of playful colours to help users express themselves and unleash their wildest fantasies.

Lux Fetish is hot on making BDSM accessible for all. Their range of beginner-friendly products makes things simpler for first timers. For example, their beginner-friendly restraint play accessories which feature soft lining and easy-to-use Velcro closures. Lux Fetish products also support the more experiences enthusiasts, offering everything one could need for a kinky night of BDSM passion.

Lux Fetish are your one-stop-brand for all things fetish, taking you on a journey through the wide world of kink! From intro-level bondage items for sensual sensory play, Lux Fetish also offer items such as pump sets, anal play, and love swings for you to explore.

Some of the most popular Lux Fetish products include positioning products, such as the bed spreader, which can be discreetly stored away. Additionally, Lux Fetish’s vibrating dildos – which come complete with strap-on-harness – are perfect for duo or solo play. The opportunities for pleasure are endless when it comes to the Lux Fetish collection.

Lux Fetish Bondage

Bondage is one aspect of BDSM. It’s a popular sexual discipline that involves numerous different techniques and practices, all of which have different types of equipment that can be used to aid you. Use Lux Fetish’s range of accessories to entice kinky bondage play between you and your partner with a range of sexy BDSM tools. Examples include, bondage ropes, restraint kits, cuffs, mouth gags, masks, nipple clamps, sex swings and more.

Lux Fetish Sex Toys

It’s proven that a healthy sex life benefits your overall health in plenty of ways. So, the fact that sex toys are designed to mimic sexual activity means they also do wonders for your sexual health and wellbeing.

Whether you are using them for solo play or with your partner, Lux Fetish’s collection of sex toys has everything you need to give your sex life and exhilarating upgrade.

With Lux Fetish sex toys, you can take your penetration game to a new level with vibrators, pegging sets, dildos, strap-on, body harnesses and even sex machines. If cock and ball torture is your thing, you can browse the full range to command and control your submissive’s penis.

Lux Fetish: Premium Quality & Customer Satisfaction

As one of the leading experts in the industry, Lux Fetish boasts the best quality products, each made with durable materials that are body-safe and designed for rough play.

Caress your body with luxurious satin to vegan-friendly leather gear, the Lux fetish collection is luxurious. You can also mix and match restraints and compatible accessories to explore different positions and pleasurable ways to explore kinky bondage.

With dedication to deliver impeccable customer satisfaction, Lux Fetish products offer exceptionally high-quality at affordable prices which puts them as an established worldwide leader in bondage products.

Lux Fetish bring “quality BDSM gear to the masses, ensuring that every couple and sexually active individual has the opportunity to experience bondage effortlessly, shame-free and without worrying about how it will impact your pocket book.”

Lux Fetish FAQs

Once you’ve chosen your Loving Joy sex toy, you can enhance the experience even further with a lube. Water-based lubricants tend to work best as they are compatible with most sex toys and condoms (if you are using condoms, make sure to avoid oil-based lubes). With many sex toys being made from silicone, it is recommended to stay clear of silicone-based lubes as the combination can warp sex toys.