Stockings and Suspenders

Stockings and Suspenders

Sexy stockings and suspenders are the ultimate finishing touch to any lingerie set. They are the ultimate seduction accessory and come in a range of styles. There are hot stockings that’ll suit any mood in the bedroom – from everyday stockings and suspenders to garter belt stockings.

Why opt for just matching lingerie of bra and knickers when you can add a suspender belt with matching sexy lingerie stockings or hold-ups for a look that you will feel most fabulous and sexy in. Unless your lingerie set comes with suspender straps, then you will need to buy a separate suspender belt to hold them up. Whether you go for flattering high waisted knickers or a frisky thong, adding sexy stockings and suspenders will fire up the look to a whole new level – you’ll be looking drop-dead gorgeous.

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Abierta Fina Basque and Crotchless Set Chains

A provocative style in a beautiful mixture of materials with removable chains!Open cup and backless ..


Abierta Fina Body With Chains

Stylish, inviting and revealing!Open cup, Powernet body from Abierta Fina with a completely open cro..


Abierta Fina Cupless String Body

Beautiful design with ingenious insights!Sensual string body with adjustable and detachable suspende..


Abierta Fina Lacey Open Suspender Set

Beautiful lace with fancy details!Bra, suspender belt and crotchless string from Abierta Fina made o..


Abierta Fina Pearl Bra Suspender And String

For women who like taking the initiative.Lace set that contains a wireless bra, crotchless string an..


Black Fishnet HoldUp Tights With Floral Lace Tops

Black fishnet hold up tights with white lace tops with floral print and ribbon to tighten...


Black Sexy Stockings

Black Sexy Stockings to be worn with a suspender belt...


Corsetti Madhavi Corset

Corsetti Madhavi Corset, Brief and stockings not included..


Corsetti Mikosina Fishnet Stockings Black

Sexy black fishnet stockings with a lace top and bow detail with diamontes at the ankle...


Corsetti Orna Chemise Set



Corsetti Red Velvet Suspender Set

Red like love - not just for Christmas!3-piece suspender set made up of an underwired bra, suspender..


Corsetti Sameera Open Crotch and Panty Set

Corsetti Sameera Open Crotch and Panty Set. Includes Bra, garter belt, stockings, panty and mask...


Top Tips for Wearing Sexy Stockings and Suspenders

Whether used for practicality or just for feeling and looking great, Suspender belts are a must for your lingerie sexy stockings. Choosing a suspender belt for your hot stockings is a fun process, from narrow to wider high-waisted styles.

Choosing a style that works best for your figure and intended use is essential. For example, if you’re looking for a suspender belt for everyday wear, then you can get one with more straps to ensure your sexy lingerie stockings stay in place. For ultimate comfort, you can even wear your knickers over the top of your suspender belt instead of the other way round that’s often depicted.

Another great way to personalise your use of suspender belts is by adjusting the straps. For example, you might want to extend the straps a little for everyday wear where you’ll be sitting a lot. Otherwise, you can shorten them if you’ll be standing a lot.

For use exclusive to the bedroom, then you can adjust them according to whatever you feel most comfortable and sexy. Why not opt for crotchless knickers to go with your stockings and suspenders to spice things up! That way you don’t have to them off if your partner gets turned on by the look!


People often question the difference between hold-ups and stockings. Hold-ups usually have a strip of silicone inside the tops, which helps them stay up on their own, whereas stockings don’t require a suspender belt. However, there are more options for holding up stockings. Suspender belts are a favourite, and you can get suspender belts that match your lingerie set of bra and knickers.

Garter belt stockings are another option. Before suspender belts even existed, garters would be used to keep garter stockings held in place. Modern-day garters are worn above the stockings with featured suspender clasps that help your sexy lingerie stockings stay put.

An additional option for stopping your hot stockings from slipping down is suspender briefs. Suspender briefs are lingerie garments with built-in suspenders. Instead of wearing a suspender belt over or under your knickers, suspender briefs blend the two. Suspender briefs are an excellent option for all-day wear, meaning you can feel fabulous in lingerie sexy stockings all day long.