Pearl Thongs & Knickers

Pearl Thongs & Knickers

Pearl thongs and pearl knickers will make you feel luxurious and classy, while stimulating your clitoris when you move, they are a popular option among many women. You can also find pearl beaded knickers and crotchless pearl thongs from us at Mega Pleasure. It is up to you what you go for when buying your pearl underwear, some prefer a women's pearl thong, whereas others like knickers or pants. Spend over £30 on our online sex shop to qualify for free delivery. All orders are packed discreetly.

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Cottelli Collection Pearl Briefs

Black lace brief with a line of pearls that run down the inside front of the thong to give the weare..


Pearl String

Black net panties with two white pearl strings in the open crotch area..


The Best Pearl Thongs & Knickers

Womens pearl thongs and pearl knickers are one of the best types of underwear to create a seductive sexy feeling. A pearl string thong that goes between your butt cheeks is luxurious yet provocative. We have a range of pearl string knickers and pearl beaded knickers for those who don’t like thongs. Feel aroused in minutes of putting on a pearl thong!

Reasons To Wear a Pearl Thong

If you are looking to buy pearl thong or knickers, there are some reasons why your investment might be a good idea. A pearl thong will be pleasurable as it rubs against your clitoris and most pearl thongs are crotchless meaning easy access during sexy time. Go for a crotchless pearl thong if you're wearing it for bedroom action, this is also a great option if you want to use sex toys to masturbate as well. You don't have any faffing around with pulling your knickers down or off.

If you want to wear pearls but not a pearl thong, we have other options like our playsuit that has a pearl crotch or standard-size pearl knickers. The pearls just rest, they aren’t a thong. This type of underwear is known as a double pearl thong as it has two lines of pearls. Sometimes double pearl thongs have the lines of pearls sat beside one another too.

Pearl Thongs & Knickers FAQs

Either pearl knickers or a pearl string thong will make you feel sexy, whether you’re wearing them for someone else or yourself. They are obviously different from your average pair of pants so you will feel like a new person. Depending on what you find more comfortable, we have thongs and knickers.