KY Lubricants

KY Lubricants

KY personal lubricants are extremely high-quality to allow you to explore your sexuality with ease. They’ve been on the scene sine before sex was widely talked about and have provided people with the essentials for safe and fun sex for over 100 years. KY personal lubricants are an essential to your sex collection and you’ll never look back at lube-free sex again. Shop the best KY lubricants in our online sex shop now for free discreet delivery over £30. 

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KY Hydrate Natural Feeling Lube 100ml

KY Hydrate Natural Feeling Moisturizing Lubricant With Hyaluronic Acid 100mlKY Natural Feeling Moist..


KY Hydrate Natural Feeling Lube 50ml

KY Hydrate Natural Feeling Moisturizing Lubricant With Hyaluronic Acid 50mlKY Natural Feeling Moistu..


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KY Lubricants was established in New York in 1904 before sex was as widely talked about as it is today. Through the decades the brand saw the beginning of the sexualisation of women in the mainstream with pin-up girls and the launch of the contraceptive pill, the celebration of Gay Pride and the sexualisation of males in Playgirl. These events triggered a surge in the popularity of KY personal lubricant as sex became less of a taboo subject.

As pop music and culture push the perspective of sexuality as power, KY lubricants begins to take over and the world sees their first lube ad. Now, as the sexual revolution has a new stomping ground online, all sexuality and kinks are celebrated and brands like KY personal lubricants are more inclusive, diverse and adventurous. Browse the range of KY personal lubricants now.

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KY Lubricants believe that sex is good for you and that it helps us to find ourselves, love ourselves and connect with each other. It’s a form of self-care and can be a powerful experience. No matter your kinks, quirks and anything else you like in the bedroom, you should have the right to explore it the way that it suits you. KY personal lubricant has broken the taboo of having sex for pleasure and are committed to championing a sex-forwards society.

Lube can make any sexual experience a great one. It can enhance the sensations you feel, reduce friction and overall increase boost the entire experience. Lubes come in a variety of flavours, types and functions to help you get the most out of your sexual experience. Choose a stimulating lube to encourage orgasm, water-based lube to mimic natural lubrication, silicone lube for a longer-lasting lube that works in the shower and so much more. Shop the best KY lubricants for your sexual enhancement online now.

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With ingredients like hyaluronic acid, KY personal lubricant makes for wetter and better sex. The incredible formulations allow you to have more comfortable sex that’s free from parabens, hormones or fragrances. Every KY personal lube is pH balanced to ensure you’re free from irritation and infection down there. Lube is perfect for using during sex, foreplay and even masturbation with your favourite sex toys to enhance your pleasure.

KY Lubricants FAQs

Lube isn’t just used for those who struggle with vaginal dryness, it’s an incredible part of your sexual experience. It can promote natural lubrication, increase arousal and make the experience overall better. With the range of different lubes available from KY lubricants, it’s easy to enhance your sex.