House of Eros

House of Eros

If you’re into the erotic world of BDSM, or you’re wanting to start out in bondage play, then look no further than the range of fetish toys and accessories by House of Eros. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in BDSM play, there’ll be something for you. Exploring submission and dominance can be a thrilling experience that builds trust, intimacy and excitement in your relationship and we urge everyone to explore it at least once. Shop the range of House of Eros products in our online sex shop now for free discreet delivery over £30. 

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House of Eros is a leader in bespoke, high-quality fetish accessories, BDSM toys and sex furniture in the world. Its name is synonymous with the world of pleasure play and their erotic products represent this. The range of products are extremely reliable with unmatched quality that can’t be found anywhere else. All House of Eros products are handmade and produced in Hungary and they supply a huge range of kinky devices and accessories that will make any fetish enthusiasts mouth water. With the huge range of products available, you’ll find something to suit your kinky desires.

House of Eros is a BDSM brand that put your pleasure (or pain) first. Your BDSM journey starts just a few clicks away with the exciting products by House of Eros. From whips and floggers to spreader bars and bondage collars, there’s something for everyone right here at MegaPleasure.

Explore Your Fetish with House of Eros

House of Eros has everything you need for your bondage experiences. Whether you’re into restraint, impact play, sensation play or even torture play, you can find the right tool right here. Sex handcuffs, collars and harnesses are perfect ways to show your dominance or your submission. Make them work harder to please you and show them who’s boss. Take things a step further and attach a leash so they can’t run.

Paddles, whips and floggers are great for creating pain or pleasure. The area being spanked will have increased blood flow which means the surrounding areas will be even more sensitive to touch, kiss or lick. Whatever your desires are during your BDSM session, there’s something that can increase your arousal and satisfaction from House or Eros.

How to Get into Bondage Play with House of Eros

House of Eros has a huge range of products that can help you and your partner explore the wonders of bondage. Start slow with handcuffs and work your way up to collars, harnesses and nipple clamps etc. when you feel more confident with the different sensations.

Before starting out, come up with a safe word for if things get too intense. A safe word stops all play so that you can communicate or change what’s happening. Before choosing your bondage toys, think about the game play preferences. E.g., do you want to explore sensation play, impact play or simply restraint? Talk about what you want and what you will do and communicate with each other the whole way through.

House of Eros FAQs

Each toy is used differently, but experimentation is key here. Use restraints to tie your partner up to the bed, in a hog tie, stood up against the wall or on their front and tease them with different sex toys. BDSM leads and collars are great for fastening your sub to the table or for walking them around. Impact toys can give sharp and stingy sensations or deeper thwacks. Play around with your fantasies with House of Eros sex toys to find your fetish.