Herrco is a cosmetics manufacturer that creates a huge range of different products; in particular, sex lube. Herrco lube is super high-quality and closely resembles the feel of natural lubricant making it perfect for use with sex toys and during sex for those who may struggle getting aroused. Shop the best range of Herrco lube in our online sex shop now and get free discreet delivery over £30. 

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Herrco is a family run cosmetics company in 1988. It started out with husband and wife team Nigel & Sue Herrmann and since their son qualified in cosmetic chemistry, he has led and grown the business through outstanding product innovation and technological advancement. Herrco are continuously researching and improving formulations whilst keeping up to date with market trends to spot opportunities. They have a passion for their products and love building formulas to meet the requirements of their customers.

The quality of Herrco formulations is like no other and they pride themselves on never compromising the superiority of their product. With a range of incredibly innovative cosmetics products, they’re a one stop shop for all your needs. Herrco help brands create the best quality products and are dedicated to creating the ideal product.

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Herrco lube is designed to heighten sexual pleasure. With a water base, Herrco lube feels just like natural lubricant which makes your masturbation sessions even more exciting. Using lube when playing with your male masturbator can give the sensation of penetrating a real vagina. You can even submerge the sex toy in warm water beforehand to make the experience even more realistic.

Use Herrco lube with your favourite vibrator or dildo to heighten the sensations you feel and reduce the friction. Lube has the power to intensify pleasure by creating a slippery experience that heightens arousal and makes your masturbation sessions even more fun.

During sex, Herrco lube can make for easier entry for penetration or help with those who may find it difficult to get in the mood. Using lube can make your sexual experience more comfortable, more fun and even wilder. Lube also reduces the risk of breakage when wearing a condom by naturally reducing friction which can cause tears. Shop the incredibly pleasurable range of lube by Herrco now to enhance your sexual experiences.

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Herrco lube is perfect for every type of sexual encounter. Whether you’re masturbating with a sex toy (or even your hand) or having sex with a partner. Lube is important to reduce the risk of friction and makes the experience more comfortable allowing you to concentrate on having fun. Herrco lube is compatible with all sex toys and condoms and should be a staple in everyone’s bedroom.