Empire Labs

Empire Labs

Empire Labs are experts in the field of unique and personalised sex toys moulded after your very own penis. After starting out as a manufacturer of skin-like materials for prosthetics, they quickly gained popularity and now are a leading penis mould kit supplier in the world. To give your lover the gift that keeps on giving, or for an intimate project to carry out with your partner, shop the full range of Empire Labs products in our online sex shop now.

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Clone A Willy Glow In The Dark Kit

Make the ulitmate realistic vibrator, moulded on a real penis . YOURS.The kit contains everything th..


Clone A Willy Jet Black Vibrator

Now you have the chance to immortalise yourself and create a fully functioning vibrator based on you..


Clone A Willy Kit

Make an Exact Vibrating Rubber copy of your PENIS!use Hollywoods latest cutting edge technology to i..


Clone A Willy Kit Deep Tone

Clone a Willy kit is a fun way to immortalise his best bits and she will love this thoughtful keepsa..


Clone A Willy Neon Purple Silicone Vibrator

Clone a Willy kit is a fun way to immortalise his best bits and shell love this thoughtful keepsake ..


Who Are Empire Labs?

Empire Labs are a leading supplier of do-it-yourself casting kits for penises and vaginas. The brand was established in the San Francisco Bay area in 1996 where they manufactured customisable, body-safe skin-like materials for medical and prosthetic use. The methods used were completely unique and the end results were incredibly lifelike. The mouldings and casting blends grew in popularity solely by word of mouth and they began being used to easily create life-like movie props and detailed body part castings. By 1997, they struck a deal with Hollywood where the moulding products would be used for special effects in movies and props like realistic penis replicas were needed for an independent film. This is where the DIY Willy kits were born.

The brand is now set up in Portland, Oregon and their Clone-A-Willy kits are found in many places all over the world. They’ve been endorsed by countless sex toy writers and connoisseurs and have been featured on multiple tv shows. Empire Labs’ expensive and complicated process has now been turned into a fun, affordable and easy-to-do process that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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The original penis moulding kit, Clone-A-Willy is the best way to create the most personalised sex toy on the planet. They’re easy to make, sex-positive and body safe and they make an intimate and extremely fun project to carry out with your partner. They’re made with the highest quality American materials which meet all US and European safety standards. Empire Labs stand by each and every product ensuring that everyone is able to easily make a perfect clone of their penis with the Clone-A-Willy kits!

Empire Labs strives to create affordable, unique and high-quality products that will last for years. The Clone-A-Willy sex toys are a way of inspiring body positivity and opening up the conversation surrounding sexuality. The light-hearted and fun cloning products by Empire Labs come in a range of different colours so that you can get playful with your partner. Whether you want a realistic skin tone to match your lovers or you want to mix it up with a glow in the dark green dildo, whatever you fancy, Empire Labs can help!

Why Choose Empire Labs

Empire Labs allow you to make the most personalised sex toys on the planet as a way to create a one-of-a-kind memento of your relationship. The idea behind Empire Labs products is to promote body positivity and sex positivity among men and women by letting them show off their most intimate areas that are loved by their partners. Empire Labs only use the highest quality American-made materials that adhere to US and European safety guidelines so that you can use your new unique sex toys without worry. Empire Labs will continue to bring people together all over the world by sharing the experience of cloning their intimate areas.

Empire Labs FAQs

To clone your willy, simply mark the tube to fit your length and mix together the casting materials. Once mixed, pour the mixture into the tube and insert your erect penis for a few minutes until the cast has set. Next, mix the moulding materials together and pour into the cast with the vibrator. Wait 24 hours and your new vibrating dildo should be ready to go. Your new Clone-A-Willy is now ready to use during masturbation, foreplay or sex! Make sure to give your new toy a clean before and after every use to ensure they stand the test of time.