Sexy Hosiery

Sexy Hosiery

Look and feel utterly sensational with our huge collection of sexy women’s hosiery for seducing in the bedroom, wearing under everyday clothing or wearing with absolutely nothing at all. Browse our wide range of sexy hosiery now by Mega Pleasure in our online sex shop and get free delivery over £30 with discreet packaging.

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Black Fishnet HoldUp Tights With Floral Lace Tops

Black fishnet hold up tights with white lace tops with floral print and ribbon to tighten...


Black Fishnet Tights With Bows

Cute little bows on these fishnet tights will make you look feminine and beautiful...


Black Sexy Stockings

Black Sexy Stockings to be worn with a suspender belt...


Black Suspender Tights

Sexy suspender tights with large open sides and crotch...


Corsetti Mikosina Fishnet Stockings Black

Sexy black fishnet stockings with a lace top and bow detail with diamontes at the ankle...


Cottelli Legwear Lacey Tights Black UK Size 8-12

Exciting look for the leg!Tights in various net structures with woven ornaments. Highly elastic wais..


Fishnet Suspender Tights With Open Crotch

Fishnet Stockings with open crotch for that sexy evening adventure...


Sexy Hosiery for a Seductive Bedroom Look

Add the perfect finishing touch to your boudoir look with our beautiful styles of sexy hosiery. Embrace your femininity as you slip your legs into our luxurious mesh, fishnet, or opaque tights. Our range of sultry stockings and tights will elevate your bedroom look to new heights. Pair our sexy hosiery with a basque to tempt and tease your lover whilst putting on a show in the bedroom. From sheer and opaque tights to fishnet stockings, our sexy women’s hosiery is sure to make you feel special. Shop our full range of sexy hosiery now.

Women’s Sexy Hosiery

Whether you are a bride to be who wants to kick things up a notch in the honeymoon suite with some white lace stockings, or you’re a BDSM queen who wants to elevate their look with some latex stockings we have the perfect piece of sexy hosiery for you. Pair with our range of sexy lingerie to make any night extra special. Become a temptress in your own bedroom by slipping on some seductive suspenders, sultry stockings, and a breath-taking basque.

Sexy Women’s Hosiery FAQs

Whether you have stockings or tights, your hosiery items will be very delicate and difficult to wash without ruining them. It’s recommended to hand wash your hosiery items, which may seem daunting and time-consuming, but can save you from repurchasing in the future. To start with, remove any jewellery or nails that may cause rips, tears or ladders in your stockings or tights. Next, combine lukewarm water with mild detergent – you can find detergents specifically for delicate clothing. Lukewarm water is also important as hot water can reduce the elasticity of tights and stockings and affect their fit.

Next, turn your tights or stockings inside out and avoid any rubbing or pulling. Gently scrub areas that are most prone to bacteria like the feet and the crotch area. Let these soak for around 10 minutes.

The next step includes rinsing with cold water over and over to make sure you remove all the soap. Once all the soap has been rinsed, let your tights or stockings air dry naturally by hanging or laying flat. Never dry them in a dryer as this can affect the elastic and fit.