Latex Sprays and Shines

Latex Sprays and Shines

Keep your latex clothing looking as irresistible as you with our range of latex shine sprays. Slip into your favourite latex clothing with ease and revive the shine with Mega Pleasures best latex shines. Shop now in our online sex shop and get free delivery when you spend over £30.

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Rimba Shining Spray 250ml

Shining spray and conditioner in one. For all latex and rubber garments. IngredientsAqua, Dimethicon..


Shine And Clean Your Latex Gear

Latex-Spray gives your rubber gear the rich, reflective shine that is sure to stimulate any sexual e..


Latex Shine Sprays

Our lubricating and shining latex shine sprays aren’t just used to make you glisten, they’re used to condition the latex and makes sure you’re caring for your sexy fetish wear. Simply spritz the fine mist over your latex item once it’s on your body and rub with a damp microfibre cloth to reveal the original lustre of your lush latex outfit. Or if you prefer a more hands on approach, have your partner shine the latex whilst it’s on your body for an incredibly erotic and intimate experience. Never feel dull again with our range of best latex shine sprays. Shop now for all your latex clothing, whether it be lingerie, gloves, dresses, skirts or boots.

Latex Body Spray Paint

Get creative in your next role play with some latex body spray paint. These products are perfect for when you need intense colour that is quick to apply and provides an even and flexible coverage. Our range of latex body spray paints won’t crack or brush off and are perfect for intense role-playing games or other special effects.

Best Latex Shine Sprays

Shop our range of latex shine spray for the best results for your latex clothing. Our shine sprays will ensure the brightest and glossiest polish to bring to your fetish wear. Caring for your high-shine latex has never been easier! With our 2-in-1 shine and conditioner you can trust that your latex clothing will be protected and cared for. Our high-quality sprays are designed to give you that stunning polished and high-shine look that any latex and fetish wear lover will get excited for. Shop our best latex shine spray to give your latex clothing the rich and reflective shine to stimulate your sexual experiences.

Latex Shine Spray FAQs

Spray our latex shine spray evenly over your latex items using the easy-to-use trigger spray. Then with a damp microfiber cloth, wipe the latex al over to reveal a sexy streak-free garment.

If there is any powder on the outside of your latex garment, wipe over with a wet cloth first to remove it.

Our range of latex shine spray is great for keeping the shine going all night long, however if you’re wearing your latex out, be sure to take your bottle of shine spray to keep you topped up through the day!

The shine spray won’t absorb into the latex or your skin, however it will transfer onto other fabric and people so be careful to avoid leaving stains on furniture and clothing.