Fetish Gloves

Fetish Gloves

Love a glove? Indulge your erotic glove fetish and add the perfect finishing touch to your BDSM outfit with our range of leather, latex, and rubber gloves. We have a vast collection of fetish gloves in various materials, including leather, latex, and rubber. From PVC fetish gloves, latex, and wet look lycra, you'll find the perfect pair for your BDSM sex play.

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Fukuoku Vibrating Five Finger Massage Glove Left Hand

The worlds first waterproof multi speed massage glove. The Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove houses ..


Fukuoku Vibrating Five Finger Massage Glove Right Hand

A totally unique product. A massage glove fitted with five finger vibrators. The sensations are incr..


MyStim Magic Gloves

These electro conductive gloves are perfect for tingling electro sex strokes. The enclosed vinyl glo..


Rouge Garments Vampire Gloves

One pair of leather gloves with tiny metal spikes on the palms and fingers to make for punishing pla..


The Latex Gloves

Short black gloves for HIM and HER. Cast in anatomic shape...


What is a Latex Gloves Fetish?

Glove fetishism is a sexual fetish where an individual is sexually stimulated, often to the point of obsession, by another person or oneself wearing gloves on their hands. Yes, it's an undying love for a glove. The glove's material can also greatly enhance sexual pleasure and appeal (e.g., leather, cotton, latex, PVC, satin, or nylon).

Handling is so sexually stimulating for some individuals because it provides a 'second skin' to the wearer – a fetishist surrogate for their skin. Indeed, the actions of a gloved hand can be just as arousing as the glove itself.

Rubber, lycra, and PVC materials are trendy among glove fetishists who consider themselves 'rubberists'. This term applies to anyone who enjoys latex's feel, touch, and experience. Whether that's dressing up in latex or feeling their playmate encase in an outfit as a 'rubber partner'. One who enjoys rubber will likely indulge in a medical glove fetish or latex gloves fetish and be keen to try PVC fetish gloves. This kind of material provides a safe sex environment but can provide the glove fetishist with great pleasure in the bedroom.

Latex Glove Fetish Sex

Do you want to indulge in glove fetish sex with a playmate? Engulf your hands with some PVC fetish gloves and let the games begin. Subtle movements by the gloved fingers or hand as a whole can provide an intense visual stimulus and ultimately sexual arousal for your partner. Even the act of putting the gloves on or slipping them off your hands can be a source of glove fetish fantasy. The smells of the glove material are another factor when it comes to latex, rubber, and leather gloves.

If you have a glove fetish, you'll likely enjoy the experience of using your gloves on yourself too. For example, some glove lovers will wear them as part of a role play costume like nurse, policewoman, or French maid uniform that incorporates some sexual roles. Someone naturally sexually submissive may enjoy their dominant partner wearing the gloves. As with all BDSM play, there will need to be a BDSM connection and mutual glove fetish to some extent for the highest sexual arousal.

Popular Materials: Leather Glove Fetish

The most popular materials for glove fetishes include the leather glove fetish and latex gloves fetish. The latter being appealing likely for their colours. Household rubber gloves are thicker. Many individuals with a glove fetish enjoy the erotic spanking experiences with PVC fetish gloves on. The latex and rubber can also spark the medical glove fetish in someone, while others want the household rubber glove.

Materials range in colour, smell, size, texture, smooth, powdered, or un-powdered. Building a collection of PVC fetish gloves can be a sexually arousing experience for those with a glove fetish. Whether it's a medical glove fetish, leather glove fetish or latex gloves fetish, there will be a pair for everyone.


A glove fetish is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, with a loving and trusting partner, you will be able to enjoy this safely in the bedroom. The cause of a medical glove fetish or any glove fetish for that matter is unknown, but it's often said it begins in childhood or adolescence.