Secretary Costumes

Secretary Costumes

Sex toys can be exciting, but dressing up can be extra arousing if you know what your partner or playmate fantasies about. A sexy secretary costume is one of the most popular cosplay options for ladies that enjoy playing a submissive or dominant role. This outfit is versatile as it will enable you to play a submissive or dominating role, depending on your mood or general preference.

At Mega Pleasure, we have a range of sexy outfits for both men and women and lots of sex toys on our online sex shop. Sexy secretary costume UK delivery will be free if you spend over £30. All orders will be packed discreetly. 

The Best Secretary Costumes

Our range of sexy secretary costumes UK will flatter your figure and let you reveal as much as you feel comfortable with. While you are dressed up as the secretary, why not ask him to dress in a suit and play your boss? This will be even more arousing for both of you as the roles of dominant and submissive will be in full swing. Use some of our bondage toys to take things to another level and if you want to add some extras to your secretary outfit, you can invest in a pair of crotchless knickers and flash him to show him what he needs to earn. Put on a pair of high heels to enhance your legs and feel like you’re in power.

Add accessories to your sexy secretary UK costume, like glasses, pencils, or books to really play your part as a secretary. If you have an office in your house, why not take your partner there while you act something out for him? It might be easier to get into character and play provocatively if you aren’t in the bedroom, so try out setting the scene in another room. If you don’t have an office, you can always use a desk in your house to seduce him even more.

Alternatives To Secretary Costumes

If you have played secretary before and you fancy putting yourself in a younger role, you can go for a school girl uniform to really tease and play with him. Fulfill his naughty fantasies and make sure he is doing the same for you. Remember cosplay is all about acting in a character you’re comfortable with so make sure you like the role you’re playing. This way you will be more confident and you will naturally be turned on when you are comfortable.

Use Sex Toys While Dressing Up

Some will feel automatically aroused when they are dressed in their sexy secretary outfit, whereas others might want some toys to spice things up even more. You can go for lube or experiment with couple sex toys. One of our favourites is a cock ring as you will both get simulation when using one of these.

Sexy Secretary Costume FAQs

Cosplay is basically costume play between sexual partners. Both partners will get into character, or sometimes just one to impress the other. If you both join in it’s all the more provocative. Costumes and accessories are used to get into character as much as possible.