Police Costumes

Police Costumes

Police dress-up is popular among men and women during cosplay and is one of the best costumes to get into character. Usually, only one partner will be dressed up and the other will be the submissive one, misbehaving. Some like to play robbers and dress up in striped clothing to play a part that will get them arrested. Depending on what takes your fancy, our range of sexy police woman costumes, sexy men's costumes, sex toys, and accessories will be sure to have you feeling the part.

Not only do our sexy police costume options have to be used in the bedroom, but they also make brilliant fancy dresses if you’re going to a party or get-together. Spend just £30 on our online costume and sex toy shop and qualify for free delivery. All packages will be discreetly wrapped meaning they make a great surprise or present, or can easily be hidden from someone.

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Eroflame Metal Handcuffs

Great stainless steel handcuffs, your partner will be well and truely locked up...


The Best Police Costumes

At Mega Pleasure, we have a range of outfits and accessories to make dressing up as realistic as possible and our sexy policewoman costume is no different. The best police outfits usually come with a hat and handcuffs, but it’s best to check they are included before purchasing. Our best sexy policewoman costume is the police lady outfit complete with handcuffs, a hat, and a provocative mini skirt. If you find a costume you love but you just need some accessories to go with it, we have handcuffs for sale as well as other items, like a paddle that can be used as a prop.

If you want to add some extra heat along with your sexy police officer costume, our sex toys for couples are popular with both genders. Stimulating one another with toys can be a seductive experience and adds to the naughtiness of dressing up together. Sexy police costumes are sure to get the bedroom sirens whirring. 

Alternative Cosplay Outfits

Maybe you have already played policeman or women in the bedroom and you’d prefer a different outfit to surprise your partner or playmate. At Mega Pleasure, we have a range of sexy costumes for both women and men, some of our favourites are the sexy nurse dress, the schoolgirl uniform, and the French maid. Browse to see more of what we have on offer!

Police Costume FAQs

Cosplay is when people dress up and get into character, the characters will usually be working roles like firemen, nurses, police, or a secretary. A French maid is also a popular option when it comes to dressing up for sexual purposes. Cosplay is ideal for those who enjoy acting out and taking on new roles. Some enjoy cosplay as a lifestyle and play in character every time they have sex, whereas others just do it now and again. Practicing cosplay will spice up your sex life and surely arouse both of you.