Men’s Costumes

Men’s Costumes

Sexy costumes for men to wear in the bedroom are an exciting way to get aroused together. Whether you’re looking to impress a man or a woman, a costume is one of the best ways of doing it. Our range of sex toys and costumes at Mega Pleasure will never fail you if you want to heat things up. Planning an x-rated evening? Or many you’re planning more than one, why not make it all the more seductive by dressing up? Something both partners can partake in.

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Latex Mens Bermuda Shorts

Mens black Rubber Bermuda Shorts made with 100 per cent latex...


Musk Athletic Cup Muzzle

If your plaything cannot get enough of the powerful smell of your sweaty groin, give them what they ..


Ouch Extreme Zipper Mask With Eye And Mouth Zipper

Once your master walks into the room, pulling this hood over your head, you wouldn't dare to not obe..


Arm Gauntlet Decorated With Rivets

Leather arm gauntlet decorated with rivets adjustable for 2 sizes. one only..


Imitation Leather Dog Mask

Dog shaped hood made of black faux leather with zipper crossing the muzzle. Lacing in the back. Coll..


LUX Cotton Camouflage Balaclava

This cotton balaclava is made up of a Camouflage pattern that can be found on the soldiers. It is pe..


NEK Matt Black Straight Cut Shirt

Cool look and high wearing comfort!Straight-cut shirt in a delicate, black matte look with a short b..


NEK Matte Look Shirt With Chest Harness Black

An exclusive, masculine design!Top from NEK made out of trendy matte look material. The top part is ..


NEK Matte Look Sleeveless Shirt Black

An exclusive design that is extremely comfortable to wear!Sleeveless, black shirt from NEK made out ..


Ouch Tough Denim Style Bondage Kit

Have you fantasized about a sexy game of submission and dominance? Then this will be the perfect sta..


Ouch Velvet Mask With Eye And Mouth Opening

Just imagine the fun you could have with this fetish hood mask with eyes and mouth, from Ouch! The s..


Ouch Velvet Tie Up

Tie them up or tie them down with this Ouch! restraint, that's quick, simple and easy to use! This q..


Passion Animal Print Pouch

Passion pouch featuring a grey animal print. The pouch has a thong back and wide black elastic waist..


Passion Animal Print Top And Pouch

repare for some primitive, uninhibited action, with this fierce Animal Print Top and Pouch, from the..


Passion Black And White Shorts And Top

Fusing together darkness and slight into a striking ensemble, this Black and White Shorts and Top co..


Passion G String Body

Passion body for men. High leg body with g string back...


Quarantined Black Fashion Face Mask

Stay safe while staying fashionable with this Black Fashion Face Mask! Adjustable at the nose for a ..


Red Leather Puppy Dog Mask

Puppy Dog Black Leather Mask.Black ears and tongue included.The mask is adjustable with 5 snaps on e..


Our online sex toy shop has free delivery if you spend over £30 on sexy costumes for men, and of course, everything will be packed discreetly. Whether you’re looking for a present, costume, or a sex toy for yourself, you are in the right place for men's role play costumes. 

The Best Sexy Male Costumes

If you are organising a surprise for your wife, girlfriend or playmate, make your evening especially erotic with our sexy costumes for men. They will help you set the mood and get her or him extra aroused. The best dress-up costumes for men are policemen, firemen, sailors or army camouflage. Women, and some men, love to be rescued by a man in any type of service wear and play the submissive. This will be provocative for both of you and once you have started playing your new roles, you will likely want to repeat this in the future.

If she has a fetish you can play on this and also invite toys into the bedroom, this will enable you to have some orgasmic fun combining our sexy costumes for men and your exciting toys. We have dildos, foreplay vibrators and anal sex toys on offer for you to try out together.

Some sexy costumes for men are made of leather and trying out different materials will enable you to see what she likes best and repeat this in future. There is nothing stopping you ordering a few outfits to see what works for you both.

Accessories To Go With Sexy Costumes

Play around with accessories as well as your sexy male costume, for example, if you are dressing up as a policeman, buy some mental handcuffs to lock her up and remind her of who's in charge. Our bondage spanking paddle will keep her in order if she’s misbehaving, and if not she knows she will be getting arrested. If she has a spanking fetish, make sure you apply some spank-it calm cream after you’ve shown her who’s boss.

If you are both into bondage and depending on how far you want to take the dressing up, bondage toys are an option for those who want to go that extra mile to spice things up alongside your sexy male costumes. We have all sorts of accessories at Mega Pleasure to fulfill your bondage fetishes and fantasies. You can use some of our whips, crops, and canes range as accessories when dressing up, but also as a bondage toy. These accessories are ideal for those dressing up as policemen, army men, or any dominant figure. Our fetish fantasy rope bondage is another prop that can be used to get you into character and show her who’s in authority.

Men’s Costumes FAQs

Some prefer men in sexy small underwear, whereas others like a full costume that really gets him into character. This is what cosplay is all about. The most popular men's erotic costumes are usually service workers, like firemen and policemen but find out exactly what she likes and play that role to maximum fun.