Cabaret Wigs

Cabaret Wigs

Cabaret Wigs are high quality wigs made from natural and synthetic hair to help you achieve dramatic (or more subtle) transformations in your daily life, special occasions or in the bedroom. Shop the full range of wigs by Cabaret Wigs in our online sex shop now.

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Cabaret Wigs is a leading manufacturer of adult fancy dress wigs that can be used to transform your appearance weather out in public or in the bedroom. The brand manufacture high-quality human hair wigs that stand out and create a dramatic transformation to fit in to the fast-changing fashion world. Wigs have the power to elevate your look out of the house to match your outfits if you want to take on a different look or persona.

You can introduce Cabaret Wigs into the bedroom to define your bedroom roles and explore all the sexy personas that a wig can ignite. Pair your sexy red bob with some latex clothing for the ideal dominatrix look or pair your long, luscious brunette curls with some sexy lingerie and hosiery for a sweet yet powerful look that can take your game play to new heights. With added accessories like handcuffs, blindfolds and whips you can steer into your new sexy persona with ease. MegaPleasure have a huge range of wigs by Cabaret Wigs that can fir your bedroom activity and public fancy dress costumes. Make sure your look is on point from head to toe with our range of wigs by Cabaret Wigs right here.

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Cabaret Wigs come in a range of different sizes, colours and shapes. From long and straight to short and curly, from red and blue to blonde and brunette, there’s a high-quality wig for everyone no matter the desired look. Buying your first wig can be daunting as there are so many different styles and colours out there. However, the best way to think about it is having so many different options right at your fingertips. Choose a wig to match your mood when you’re feeling fierce, sexy or playful! You’ll never run out of ideas when choosing the best wig.

If you’re choosing a wig for your next fancy dress occasion, think about the character you want to portray. If you’re dressing up as a sexy maid, think about a luscious, brunette wig that can be easily styled. For a sexy schoolgirl, choose a curly blonde wig that can be easily styled in pigtails. Wigs can make or break a costume, so make sure you pick the right one for you and get in touch with one of our experts if you need any help in deciding!

Cleaning Cabaret Wigs

To wash your natural wig, fill the sink with clean cold water and mild shampoo and conditioner before soaking your wig into the mixture. Wash the wig from the roots to the tips and then rinse with warm water. Dry the wig with a clean, dry towel and then comb gently and hang to dry.

To wash your synthetic wig, fill the sink with cold water and immerse the cap to drench it. Then, gently massage the wig shampoo onto the inside of the cap and ensure you reach the hairline to remove residue. Then, Dip the wig to make it dusty and drain the sink and rinse with cold water. Lie the wig on a clean, dry towel, blot and then hang to dry. Gently brush the wig once completely dry.

Cabaret Wigs FAQs

If you’re new to wigs, go for a style that’s close to your own style. The wigs seamlessly blend into your scalp and facial features so picking a style close to your currently hairstyle makes wig maintenance slightly easier. You can start to explore other beautiful styles when you get more comfortable.