The innovative, revolutionary and unbelievably pleasurable sex toys by BKK are created by combining virtual reality, mobile apps and sex toys to produce something spectacular. Get a realistic sex experience with your ideal woman or favourite porn stars with BKK sex toys to help you reach whole new levels of pleasure and excitement. Shop the full range of BKK sex toys in our online sex shop now and get free discreet delivery over £30. 

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BKK is a brand of sex toys that creates revolutionary cybersex toys that combine virtual reality with motion sensing technology. This means you can have even more lifelike masturbation experiences that tantalise all your senses. With your BKK sex toy, you’ll receive a male masturbation sleeve, a VR helmet and a mobile app. The BKK products are incredibly innovative male sex toys that give you the most realistic experiences.

The BKK male masturbators are made from the highest quality real-feel silicone with a gorgeous vaginal opening that looks and feels like the real thing. The mobile app and VR headset allow you to custom create your ideal girlfriend choosing everything from their body shape, facial features and hair colour to their skin tone. You can dress your cyber girlfriend in lingerie, sexy outfits or role playing costumes to fit your fantasy. Choose from many locations to ravish your cyber girlfriend and choose from over 30 different sex positions to bring your fantasy to life.

The Best Cyber Sex With BKK

Every masturbator comes with a motion sensor installed so that your thrusts and strokes are transmitted to the app where your cyber girlfriend will receive them. You can select different camera angles and sex positions and can even sensually undress your cyber girlfriend and make her orgasm whenever you feel like it. The power is completely in your hands.

The BKK VR headset works with your smartphone so that you can watch porn or play with your cyber girlfriend whenever you like. Simply slide your phone into the headset, put it on and let yourself be taken away with the fantasy.

BKK sex toys allow you experience sex with your favourite porn star in convenient, fun and high-tech way. Explore the different ways to play by downloading VR porn, playing sexy games or watching your favourite adult stars with the BKK sex toys. By combining technology with pleasure, BKK set the standard for future masturbation opportunities.


BKK sex toys are super easy to use. Simply load up your porn video or VR sex game and slide your phone into your headset and put it on. Grab your lube and your masturbator and thrust into it at a tempo that works for you. You will see your thrusts in the game in real time due to the motion sensors.