Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets are an incredible company founded by females that promotes sexual wellness through pleasure products and erotic cosmetics. With pleasure, confidence and sustainability at the heart of their brand, it’s clear to see how this worldwide brand have been successful in delivering their message and their products. Shop the full range of Bijoux Indiscrets products in our online sex shop now. 

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Bijoux Indscrets Flamboyant Body Jewelery Black And Silver

Bedazzle everyone with these beautiful body decorations and be as beautiful as a peacock. Pack Inclu..


Bijoux Indiscrets Bliss Bliss Massage Gel

Bijoux Indiscrets brings you their fantastic massage gel. Discover the thrill of skin become pure s..


Bijoux Indiscrets Bubble Gum Massage And Intimate Gel 100ml

Perfect for massages and pleasure! Scented with the classic fragrance of bubblegum, it's sweet, inte..


Bijoux Indiscrets Leather Burlesque Tassled Pasties

Transform yourself into a character of pure exuberance with Bijoux Indiscrets Burlesque Pasties. Le..


Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Jewels Black

Enhance your most sensitive of pleasurable areas, highlight your nipples with these fabulous self ad..


Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Jewels Silver

Enhance your most sensitive of pleasurable areas, highlight your nipples with these fabulous self ad..


Bijoux Indiscrets Pom Pom Feather Tickler

Discover new sensations with your delicate feather tickler. Feather tickler made with marabu feathe..


Bijoux Indiscrets Sensations Massage Candle

A scented candle with hidden usage. Light the wick, burn the candle, drizzle the melted oil onto you..


Bijoux Indiscrets Shhh Satin Luxury Blindfold

Cover your eyes and unlock your most ardent and secret fantasies . Indulge yourselves with Shhh . Sa..


Bijoux Indiscrets Tickle Me Tickler

No Ken Dodd moment here from this beautiful black feather tickler Tickle someone you fancy today...


Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Maribou Feather Handcuffs

Trap your lover in the softness of our handcuffs. Marabu feather handcuffs for the most playfull of..


Bijoux Indscrets Flamboyant Body Jewelery Blue And Green

Pack Includes 3 tattoos plus belly button. Adorn the delicate beauty of your breasts, V zone, lower ..


Bijoux Indscrets Flamboyant Body Jewelery Purple And Pink

Bedazzle everyone with these beautiful body decorations and be as beautiful as a peacock. Pack Inclu..


Who Are Bijoux Indiscrets?

Bijoux Indiscrets is a female-founded and led company that promotes sexual wellness through pleasure products and other sexual accessories. The company was founded in 2006 and since then have been determined to change the taboo in the sexual product industry on how women explore their sexuality and personal pleasure. Through the exploration of self-love, self-respect, self-knowledge and self-acceptance, you can begin to claim your right to pleasure and not be ashamed of enjoying some sensual self-love.

When Marta Aguiar and Elsa Viegas founded the company in 2006, they began by creating accessories that demystify female pleasure like unique and original accessories, erotic cosmetics and intimate toys to help women explore their bodies without limitations. Bijoux Indiscrets rejects any products with an animal origin and instead, uses materials that are more sustainable an maintain product quality and usability. Each product is 100% vegan, paraben free, cruelty free and are made using the finest natural ingredients. Bijoux Indiscrets is currently present in over 40 countries all over the world including the UK where Mega Pleasure is a leading supplier of all things Bijoux. Shop the wide range of products we have available here to be delivered directly and discreetly to your doorstep.

Shop Bijoux Indiscrets Products Online

Bijoux Indiscrets has a host of sensual accessories, erotic cosmetics and playful pleasure toys designed by women, for women, to empower women. With the range of Bijoux products, you’ll ignite passion and create unforgettable moments of pleasure whether you’re alone or with your lover. Bijoux Indiscrets range of products makes it super easy to pleasure yourself or simply make yourself feel irresistible.

For an erotic evening of romance and intimacy why not try out Bijoux Indiscrets massage gel to discover the sensual feeling of silky skin before ending the night playing with your favourite sex toy. Each massage oil is beautifully scented with your favourite fragrances like bubble gum, some you can even apply to your intimate areas meaning your sensual massage can have the happiest of endings. Light your favourite scented candle, play the sexiest music and enjoy an evening of relaxation and pleasure. Other incredible products by Bijoux Indiscrets include sexy, silky handcuffs, body jewellery and even blindfolds to allow you to explore your fantasies your way. Shop the incredible range of Bijoux Indiscrets products online at MegaPleasure now.

Explore the Feminine Side of Eroticism

Bijoux Indiscrets is at the heart of female pleasure and self-exploration. With a vision to help all women feel confident in their sexuality, break the taboo of self-pleasure and to take care of the environment, Bijoux Indiscrets shows how eroticism should be done. Originating in Barcelona, the brand is now worldwide and holds bestselling items that women love time after time. The high quality, sustainable standard of Bijoux Indiscrets products means that they will continue to be loved for many, many years. If you need any assistance choosing your next pleasure accessory, get in touch with one of our experts now.

Bijoux Indiscrets FAQs

The visual identity of the brand is described as bold, current and sensual that give a wow-factor when opened. There’s an attention to detail that’s like no other and the love and care that goes into designing the products shines through from the inside out. The packaging is beautifully designed to show the vision and background of the brand with incredible graphics and branding.