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Bathmate are a leading manufacturer of penis pumps worldwide. With over 1 million satisfied customers, their hydro pumps are a fast, safe and easy-to-use solution for increasing penis size and erection strength. The Bathmate penis enlargement pumps use water instead of air to create pressure which cuts out any sort of risks. So, when you’re in the bath or shower, simply fill it with warm water and seal it against your body to get the full effect. Bathmate penis pumps are a range that really work with over 85% of customers reporting real lasting results.

Back in 2004, a Bathmate inventor developed a hydrotherapy pump designed to help out a friend who couldn’t maintain an erection after an accident, however quickly realised that the pump delivered incredible results. After getting together with some associates, Bathmate was officially launched as a company in 2006 and is now a best-selling penis pump brand selling over a million units worldwide. The Bathmate products are all handmade in Wakefield using the highest quality materials including silicone, polycarbonate and stainless steels. The owners of Bathmate are involved in evert part of the process from the design right through to the robots used for the moulding process. Shop the full range of Bathmate penis enlargement pumps now to start your penis enlargement process.

Feel Confident with The Bathmate Penis Pump

The powerful range of Bathmate penis enlargement pumps use the power of water to create a vacuum around your penis to increase the length and girth. Each pump is designed to be used in the bath or shower making it a convenient accessory that kills two birds with one stone! You can monitor your growth with the transparent tube and measure the gauge as you go. You’ll beam confidence and sex appeal in the bedroom after using our incredible range of Bathmate penis pumps.

Following your pumping session, seal the deal with a cock ring to keep blood from flowing back down the penis and keep your erection harder for longer – your lover will thank you later! Bathmate penis pumps are an incredible and safe tool to use to put a bit of oomph into your lovemaking. Follow with a generous amount of water-based lube for whatever is to follow, whether it’s sex (remember to stock up on plenty of condoms!), foreplay or masturbation with your favourite male sex toy.

How to Use Bathmate Penis Pumps

It’s recommended that you use the penis pumps in 3 x 5-minute sessions 5 days a week for lasting results. Simply fill the tube with warm water and begin to pump. However, with regular use, you may experience dryness, so make sure to moisturise after every use to keep your downstairs in tip top condition. Using the Bathmate penis enlargement pumps a few times a week is enough to help promote better penile health and the feeling of sexual wellbeing. Most people pump 3-5 times a week on average.

When using Bathmate penis pumps in the bath, this gives an ideal time to relax, chill out and take the time to enjoy your pumping experience with the added benefit of knowing you’re improving your sexual health. The warm bathwater is a great, comfortable addition to the process that promotes blood flow.

Bathmate FAQs

Water easily increases blood flow to the penis due to the warm water hydraulics and negative pressure that the pump creates. It’s therefore a more comfortable way to increase your erection size that gives great results and a generally better feeling of sexual wellbeing and confidence. It’s also extremely convenient to use the pump in the shower and make it part of your daily routine.