Aneros is a leading supplier of anatomically designed elite prostate massagers that allow men to experience hands free pleasure to reach an incredible p-spot Aneros orgasm. Shop the best Aneros prostate massagers in our online sex shop now.

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Each incredible design of the Aneros range of prostate massagers has a patented anatomical design that provides the most intense intimate pleasure through targeted stimulation to the prostate. Aneros are breaking the stigma on men who use sex toys and are dedicated to putting male pleasure first. The Aneros sex toys are uniquely shaped with high quality materials to stimulate the prostate and provide you with incredible pleasure.

The sleek curves of aneros sex toy are much more than a visually stimulating design; each ridge and bulb is thoughtfully designed to work with your body to give you the most satisfying end results. The ergonomically smooth shape of these toys is made with high quality medical grade silicone with a satin finish for comfort, heightened pleasure and easy entry. Take your hands-free anal play to whole new levels with the best Aneros sex toys with plenty of anal lube for incredible sensations. If you’re wondering which Aneros to buy, you can browse our range to begin exploring and find out how to use Aneros sex toys wither you’re alone or with your partner.

More About Aneros Sex Toys

Aneros prostate massagers are the perfect sex toy for anyone who’s interested in anal play or exploring their own personal pleasure. In the 1990’s, a Japanese urologist and Japanese American inventor work together to create and patent the world’s first handsfree prostate massager that is specially designed to work in harmony with the male anatomy for symptoms of chronic prostatitis and BPH. Following this, the pair establishes the Aneros brand for sexual health and wellness for men.

Prostate massagers have long been known in Asian cultures as a way to promote sexual health and wellbeing and men would regularly visit urologists to relieve congestion in that region. The prostate massagers created by Aneros were designed to increases blood circulation to improve overall health and eventually marketed towards sexual pleasure.

The Best Aneros Sex Toys in the UK

Aneros sex toys are one of the leading male sex toy brands that keep male pleasure in mind throughout the whole design process from the material used to the anatomical design. There are so many different styles of aneros sex toy available in a range of different styles and functions to suit everyone’s taste. With powerful motors and remote controls, each aneros sex toy gives you even more pleasure potential with a range of speeds and motions for you to choose from in each toy.

Choose an Aneros Ice Massager for an enhanced feeling with the ball-shaped ‘P-tab’ and ‘K-tab’ that gives a sensational perineum and kundalini (below the tailbone) massage that enhances your experience perfectly whilst intensifying your pleasure to the max. Other products, like the Maximus or the Helix, allow you to experience fuller sensations or direct stimulation to the prostate. Our range of the best Aneros sex toys are the perfect addition to every man’s sex toy collection whether you’re an avid toy enthusiast or want to begin your journey. If you’re unsure which Aneros to buy, get in touch with our experts now.

Aneros FAQs

Why Use Aneros Sex Toys?

The Aneros brand is created with the sexual health, wellbeing and pleasure of men in mind. The patented design makes this brand a popular one amongst sex toy enthusiasts as the bulbous head gently massages the prostate to help you reach an incredible blended Aneros orgasm. With the help of a Japanese American inventor, a Japanese urologist developed an at home prostate massager for his patients which eventually turned into a leading male sex toy brand. With the expertise behind this brand, there’s no wonder that Aneros sex toys are as popular today as ever before.

How to Use Aneros Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers are all about helping you discover your prostate gland and the pleasure that you can experience with it. With Aneros prostate massagers, it’s easy to do this. First of all, we recommend cleaning inside the anus with a douche or by simply emptying your bowels as this will give a cleaner result. Next, apply plenty of water-based lube or anal lube to the toy and around your anus. Warm up your body by engaging in some masturbation or foreplay and maybe try a butt plug to stretch the anus if you’ve opted for a larger massager. Next, slowly insert the massager into your anus and move the toy around until you find the spot – usually a few inches inside the anus. Explore the different vibrations and functions until you find what works for you.

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