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Let your imagination run wild with the Playful Tickler. The lightweight teaser is the perfect addition to an erotic toy collection and offers unlimited seduction possibilities. Use the tickling feather to entice and excite your lover. Get your own way by driving your playmate crazy with anticipation, as you take your time flicking and stroking and arousing, with the feather. Elevate your couple's intimacy experience with playful tantalizing temptations.

The sensual tickler measures a generous 9 inches, 23 cm and has a durable ABS, wand-style handle for easy manipulation and precise pleasure application. The colourful natural feather is wispy soft and ultra-light and delivers sensually pleasurable tingles of sheer orgasmic ecstasy when applied to the skin. Use the tickler to arouse your lover, and to tease and please. Apply a combination of caressing strokes and gentle touches to enliven the senses. Indulge in a little or a lot of feathers play and heighten sensitivity and expectations.

Explore your secret fantasies and red-hot passionate desires. The exotic toy is great for role-play fun and games, and perfect for seductive submissive intimacy. Tease your lover with vigorous tickling action that shows who is in control of the stimulation satisfaction. The feathery arouser is ideal for foreplay and extended pleasure and great for mild BDSM and kinky exploration. Satisfy your desires by dreaming up creative ways to enjoy tickler play.

Colours may vary, only one is supplied.

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Playful Tickler

  • Product Code: SE-2642-00-2
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £6.99

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