Adult Books & Magazines

Adult Books & Magazines

Escape your reality and dive into other realms of passion and erotica with our range of erotic fiction and adult books. Indulge in a sexy night as you curl up in bed with one of your favourite adult books and have a little you time. Mega Pleasure is a leading supplier of erotic novels in the UK, shop online now in our online sex shop for discreet packaging and free delivery over £30.

Erotic fiction for Alone Time

Enjoy some sensual alone time and get yourself in the mood with our sexy erotic novels. Heat things up in the bedroom and let your imagination run wild. Put yourself in the book as you read the sexy stories and use them alongside our range of vibrators for women and dildos to really let loose. Shop our range of adult books now.

Porn Books for Couples

Spice things up in the bedroom by reading an erotic novel. Our collection of porn books is sure to get you and your partner in the mood. If you’re a fan of watching porn with your lover, try reading some erotic fiction aloud from our range of porn books and let the words take you on an arousing and intimate journey. Alternatively, act out your favourite scene from the book and incorporate some sexy props like sex handcuffs or sexy blindfolds and try out some sex toys for couples to heighten the pleasure.

Adult Magazines

We stock a selection of erotic adult magazines for you to enjoy at your own leisure. Browse the sexy images of men and women to turn you on or create your fantasies in your head for a fun solo session with our range of sex toys for masturbation. Arouse your senses with our range of vibrators or let your imagination run wild with our fleshlights for men whilst reading our wide range of adult magazines.

Erotic Fiction FAQs

Erotic books are fictional or factual stories written about the development of a romantic or sexual interaction. The erotic fiction describes sex explicitly on the pages and can be a fantasy or a taboo. The storyline and sex involved could include anything from revenge sex to a single person's wild sex life and everything in between. The purpose of an erotic book is to help you ‘get off’ or at least turn you on.